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St. Paul’s, London – The best place for late night drinking

London has arguably the best nightlife in all of Europe. New late night bars are cropping up left, right, and centre. Bars near St Pauls London have also experienced a rise in the number of late night cocktail bars. This is accredited to the environment, people, drinks, and prices at bars near St Pauls. Today we look at why the late night experience in London is unequalled by any other, all over the world.   Environment   The interior décor […]

The art of presenting a cocktail

Creating a perfect presentation is a very essential step in preparing the cocktail drinks. The bartenders will make sure that the presentation is attractive enough to improve the customer’s’ experience and satisfaction. To guide you with cocktails preparation and presentation, late night bars London highlight the necessary steps that you should take.   Understanding the Ice   Shaved, cracked or cubed, there are different types of ice that you can use depending on the cocktail mix and the occasion as […]

Wonderful Facts on British Cuisine Culture Everybody Should Know

The realm of British culinary culture is tremendously huge encompassing the national influences including English, Welsh, Scottish and Cornish alongside the various foreign influences from worldwide countries. These external influences have introduced thousands of exotic mouth savouring delicacies while raising the scope of new explorations and inspiring ideas to the commercial and domestic kitchen. When you step in any restaurant or wine bar London following are some of the major characteristics of food types to relish.   Traditional English Cooking […]

Visit dion St Paul’s for a charismatic dinner experience

Moving out for a dinner with the family or a group of friends is good for a change and enhances the mood. However, it is very important to find a restaurant that serves food at its best quality at the well-organized milieu. If a fabulous dinner date, at one of the best restaurants near St. Paul’s is on your mind, it is worth considering a visit to the Dion London at least once. What is so special about this place? […]