The art of presenting a cocktail

Creating a perfect presentation is a very essential step in preparing the cocktail drinks. The bartenders will make sure that the presentation is attractive enough to improve the customer’s’ experience and satisfaction. To guide you with cocktails preparation and presentation, late night bars London highlight the necessary steps that you should take.


Understanding the Ice


Shaved, cracked or cubed, there are different types of ice that you can use depending on the cocktail mix and the occasion as advised by the bars near St Paul’s.  The cube type seems to be the standard form of ice, and it is designed for different occasions.  Cubes have a tendency to melt slower compared to other types of ice, and it will not entirely affect the taste of your cocktail as well.  The crack-type is a bit smaller and will melt much quicker.  It is commonly used for the frozen drinks.  Shaved is the thin ice that is typically used in snow cones.


The Size


When it comes to the presentation of cocktails, the bigger size will not necessarily mean that they are better.  Remember that the smaller cocktail can keep the drink colder for a longer period.  Choosing 3-4 ounces of glass will make sure that the last sip will be as tasty as the first one.  Cocktail Bars London believe that over-sized cocktail drinks will present a lot of issues to the customer such as the possibility of spilling on the side of the glass.


Choosing the Glass


Choosing the glass is often a factor that is ignored in the process of preparing the cocktails, but this part is still crucial.  How the cocktails taste and customer’s drinking experience are all dependent on the type of cocktail glass used. For example, Bloody Mary is usually served in Highball glass, while late night bars London recommends that Lowball glasses should be used when serving cocktails with higher proportion of mixer. And any cocktail that contains bubbles or champagne should be served in Champagne flute, which can maintain the taste of the cocktails. Daiquiris and Margarita should be placed in a coupette glass, and Martini glass is intended for the Martini.


The Garnishes


The presentation of your cocktail will never be completed without the garnishes or what they call the ‘bling bling’.  This small trinket serves as the best finisher for an amazing cocktail.  Tiny additions such as lemon, cherries, olives, fancy straw, limes and salt on the glass rim can add spice to the mix.  Bars near St Paul’s also suggested that these garnish serves as recognition and recall for the customers.

Finally, to give your customer the best cocktail experience while they are sipping their favourite mix on bars with a view London, you need to make sure that you have the complete accessories for the preparation and presentation.  Some of the basic tools will include the jigger for the accurate measurement of alcohol, the strainer, and shaker to have a balance of the mix.  The guide provided above will make sure that you can fully understand and appreciate your cocktails while drinking in the best bars near St. Paul’s.

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