Wonderful Facts on British Cuisine Culture Everybody Should Know

The realm of British culinary culture is tremendously huge encompassing the national influences including English, Welsh, Scottish and Cornish alongside the various foreign influences from worldwide countries. These external influences have introduced thousands of exotic mouth savouring delicacies while raising the scope of new explorations and inspiring ideas to the commercial and domestic kitchen. When you step in any restaurant or wine bar London following are some of the major characteristics of food types to relish.


Traditional English Cooking


The English cuisine is the original form of cooking practice in England. With passing time, especially after the rise of foreign settlements in the country from Northern America, India and other countries, regular British food have been influenced by different exotic spice blends. The authentic English food is still very popular and served in various restaurants and bars near St Paul’s, as well as several other locations in London. The food variations are mainly prepared with bread, cheese, boiled veggies, meat (stewed or roasted), fishes, pies etc. The ‘Forme of Cury’ is one of the oldest cookbooks on English culinary culture,  and was written during the reign of Richard II in the 14th Century. You can find precious details on the traditional British cooking practices.


Influence of Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish Flavours


Over the years, neighbouring places have introduced different food ingredients and variations into the cooking styles of British cuisine. Scottish culinary practices have popularized the use of beef, seafoods, potatoes, oats and other ingredients in the British kitchen. The Ulster Fry, another type of Full Breakfast, was brought to England from North Ireland. The exotic lamb preparations today is largely influenced by the cooking styles from Wales. You can enjoy these dishes in many restaurants near St. Paul’s.


Anglo Indian Fusion Culinary Style


The Indian food is all about spices and curries with thick gravy to complement with rice and bread. The innovative fusion of Indian food culture has introduced the blend of highly aromatic spices to traditional British recipes like roast beef prepared with red chillies, garam masala (primarily consisting of finely powdered cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom).


The Anglo Indian recipes are prepared with local Indian vegetables, fishes, meat, soups, curries and most importantly chutneys (sweet and sour food with lots of spices, vegetables and fruits). The Balti Gosht or the meat curry served in a bowl is one of the most popular Anglo Indian food served in many restaurants in the City of London. Other popular dishes include Chicken Tikka Masala, Kedgeree, fish rissoles etc.


Summing It Up

The modern British cuisine is being served at different restaurants across the UK, and is inspired by national and international food on the flavours and cooking styles.  While the conventional English food is rich in nutrition and flavours, the introduction of foreign flavours brings the flavour of the British cuisine to another level. Next time, if you are in any of the popular restaurants near St Paul’s, or bars near St Paul’s, check out some of the mouth-watering British food that these places have to offer.  

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